Ironclad Productions brings the thrill of the joust!  Come watch as they battle for the rights of the throne, will it be the Lancasters or the Yorks that rule the kingdom?

Watch Leonore The Empyrean Aerlialist push the boundries of physical limitation as she performs gravity defying acrobatics in the air.

ravenbanes firecraft.jpg

Light up your Faire experience with Fire breathing and Fire dancing performances of Ravenbane's Firecraft.

Be astounded by the magic of Jeff Kempton, from card tricks to disappearing objects, he is sure to leave you mystified.

Witness firsthand the skill and speed of mounted archery with Mounted Archers of Fletcher Hill.  The elite fairy archers are ready to protect and defend their realm. 

East Coast Combative Arts provides historically accurate displays of  fighting styles from ancient cultures using authentic weapons and armor.   

The Bawdy Buccaneers- Where Music & Comedy Meet! Join Captain Lance D. Boyle of the Picaroon Princess and his First Mate & “Cruise Director” Truly Scrumptious on a piratical musical adventure. Sing along to your favorite pirate tunes or perhaps learn some new ones.
Stop, sit and give them a listen, you will be entertained and sometimes confused.

Granny Grue is a vegetarian zombie (graaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains) with a comedic repertoire of interactive musical tales about pirates, witches, flying children, cats and lost body parts (ewww.)

Misfits of Avalon brings contemporary and traditional celtic music for your listening pleasure

Harper and the Minstrel

DISCLAIMER: we are a new entity and in no way affliated with any other renaissance fairs in CT or under the name of Somers Renaissance Fair, we are Somers Renaissance Faire CT, a public charity in the State of CT.

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