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Cindy Rusinowski


Cindy lives in Somers, CT.  She has a love of history, theatre and entertainment and had the idea of bringing a Renaissance Fair to the little town of Somers to give the town something culturally different and new to the area.  The reason behind the Fair as a fundraiser for the Drama club is simple.  Drama clubs in schools are often non-funded by the school systems but to her are a huge part of a students life.  The skills learned in drama can open up so many paths in life, not just becoming an actor.  It's about making friends, teamwork, and building self confidence.    

Joseph Figlar

General Manager/ Stage Director

Cara Scheck

Assistant Director/ Costumer

Frank Perrin

Amy Gillespie

Street/ Interactive Director

Fight Director

Frank Perrin is an actor, martial artist and educator currently residing in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. He has served as both a fight choreographer and action actor for over 10 years. His interest in stage combat began during his time at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire where he performed on their fight cast. After refining his skills he decided to make the transition into film. He has since joined the New York Chapter of Art of Combat under Jared Kirby as an actor/combatant. He has traveled around the east cost performing, choreographing stage and screen fights as well as providing seminars for actors and professional wrestlers. He was recently featured in Robert Chapin's web series "The Hunted" as well as having provided choreography for the Travel Channel's Legendary Locations. He hold a Masters degree in Public History from Central Connecticut State University and is a member of Razmafzar, a martial arts a group dedicated to the research and practice of Historical Persian Martial Arts.

Holly Irving

Vendor Coordinator

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